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External equipment like for instance the worm-conveyor is possible to be connected to the BIG semi-trailers to improve handling with material. The worm-conveyors are used for filling the sowing machines and distributor spreader ... read more

One-side tipping - BIG 12 18000

Doporučujeme stroje značky TULIP

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The BIG semi-trailers are dedicated to transport various kind of agricultural products on different ground conditions. The semi-trailer has a steel structure. The chassis frame consists of a weldment made from the hollow sections and it is reinforced with walls. There is a hydraulic operated telescopic lever- jack in the frame. The frame is placed on a BOGIE chassis and its design allows you to run over all ground irregularities. The axles are spring-loaded with leaf springs, the manoeuvrable back axle improves the manoeuvrability on the ground and it reduces the tyre wear. The semi-trailer has a steel body with a spine frame. The rounded body edges simplify the discharge of products.

BIG 12 18000