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External equipment like for instance the worm-conveyor is possible to be connected to the BIG semi-trailers to improve handling with material. The worm-conveyors are used for filling the sowing machines and distributor spreader ... read more

One-side tipping - BIG 12 18000

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Product range - BIG 10 - 13000 - one-way - TANDEM

BIG 10 - 13000 - one-way tipping semi-trailers

Product Description

BIG 10 13000

Technical Parameters:

Technical Information:
Highest authorized speed (km/hour.) 40
Axle producers ADR, BPW
Axle number (pc) 2
Axle - track width (mm) 1 800
Overrun brake air brake, two hoses
Park brake system mechanic
Brake lining (mm) 406 x 140
Tyres 18 R 22.5
Wheel rims 12.5/80 - 18 16 PR
Drawbars with diameter of (mm) 50
Drawbars - number of spring-loaded leafs (pc) 9
Central locking of back door no
Number of degrees on hydraulic cylinder (pc) 4
Recommended oil quantity (l ) 15
Bottom tow of the agricultural tractor yes
Tailboard at back door yes
Total weight (kg) 13 000
Service weight (kg) 3 200
Payload (kg) 9 800
Drawbar load (empty / loaded kg) 920/3 000
Basic dimensions:
Maximal length (mm)) 6 450
Maximal width (mm) 2 500
Length of rear dump body (mm) 5 000
Width of rear dump body (mm) 2 360
Height of rear dump body above ground (mm) 1 330
Height of basic side gate (mm) 1 200
Body volume in basic version (m3) 14,16
Body volume with extension boards (m3) 50
Angel when tipping back door (°) 45

Standard package in price:

- ADR axle of good quality
- Maximal speed 40 km/h
- Complete wheels 12.5/80 - 18 16 PR
- Air two hoses brakes of Knorr Bremse
- Automatic Park brake
- Suspended drawbars with adjustable height
- Tipping hydraulic rod with manual pump
- Plastic rearguard
- Rear tow
- Body tilting from one side
- Hydraulic opening of back door
- Sealed with steel collar and rubber section
- Grain door in back door
- Massive hydraulic cylinder for tilting
- Eye-sight in the body front door - preparation for extension boards
- External ladder on body of chassis
- Internal stand pipe in the front door of body
- Standard colour - yellow chassis, green body
- Voltage 12V

Equipment at extra cost:

- Replaceable tow 50
- Replaceable tow K 80
- Haylage extension boards of 600 mm
- Tarpaulin
- Tarpaulin by rolling + walkway
- Polyurethan varnish

The worm-conveyors can be completed in various capacities and lengths.

BIG 10 13000 BIG 10 13000 BIG 10 13000 BIG 10 13000

Price: on request info@big-navesy.cz
Delivery time of the machine: on the stock at S-PROFIT OPAVA s.r.o. (otherwise within three weeks from the order)
Warranty: 12 months for a concerned machine given by the Seller.
Maintenance service: provides consulting, pre-sale service and all repairs (within and after guarantee time) S-PROFIT OPAVA s.r.o.