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External equipment like for instance the worm-conveyor is possible to be connected to the BIG semi-trailers to improve handling with material. The worm-conveyors are used for filling the sowing machines and distributor spreader ... read more

One-side tipping - BIG 12 18000

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About company

S-Profit Opava s.r.o. company

The S-PROFIT OPAVA s.r.o. company from Opava is engaged in supplying the farmers with pesticides, fertilizers, seeds, agricultural equipment, diesel and S-profit Opava operates also its own tire repair shop for cars and trucks. In 2007, the S-PROFIT OPAVA s.r.o. opened a new Division for Agricultural Machines.

The Agricultural Division is focused on own design development, production, service and sale of semi-trailers under the registered trade mark BIG. Today, this company owns its Design and Production Departments and it co-operates with sub-contractors from the very experienced engineering companies in the region of Opava with a long-term history and tradition in manufacturing of different machine types. With its trading activity and interest of agricultural public in its semi-trailers the S-PROFIT OPAVA s.r.o. built up its own distribution network in a very short time within the Czech Republic. And also thanks to the high interest in semi-trailers the S-PROFIT OPAVA s.r.o. establishes, in 2008, its 100 % subsidiary in Slovakia under the name S-PROFIT OPAVA Slovakia s.r.o. which is dealt with the semi-.trailers/trailers.

The S-PROFIT OPAVA s.r.o. shows regularly its products during the prestigious exhibitions and agricultural events like TECHAGRO Brno, ZEMĚ ŽIVITELKA in České Budějovice, POLNÍ DNY (Country Days) and other presentations where the users or future customers can see the semi-trailers /trailers of the S-PROFIT OPAVA s.r.o.