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External equipment like for instance the worm-conveyor is possible to be connected to the BIG semi-trailers to improve handling with material. The worm-conveyors are used for filling the sowing machines and distributor spreader ... read more

One-side tipping - BIG 12 18000

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The semi-trailers of the BIG range are dedicated to transport the agricultural products on different ground conditions. The semi-trailers have a steel structure and the chassis frame consists of a weldment made from hollow sections and reinforced with walls. The frame is located on the BOGIE or TANDEM chassis with design enabling to master also the ground irregularities due to the suspended axles with leaf spring. The manoeuvrability on the ground is additionally increased via the back steering axle. There is a hydraulic piston rod in the frame enabling the body dumping. The body is made from steel and it is including the spine frame.

While the small types with their payload up to 7 t have been producing only with three-side tipping the products with payload between 10 to 16 t propose you the possibilities with one-side or three side tipping. The biggest semi-trailer of BIG 25000 is equipped only with the one-side tipping. We can offer you two types of tow, either in pivoted version of 50 mm or the K 80 version and several types of tyres of course. As option you can also have for example the grain door in the back door or in the side-boards, further the bottom central opening of the side boards, tarpaulin, locking of axle when dumping or extensions boards with different heights.

The BIG semi-trailers of the S-Profit Opava s.r.o. company have recently been innovated and other modifications are still expected to be done. Since August 2009, all semi-trailers up to 16 t can be equipped with three-side tipping having the side-boards made from the Furhmann sections which ensure the needed firmness when transporting different products. In 2010 we will use as standard axles from the German producer of BPW.

Some positive design modifications have been done according to our experience and requests of the farmers during this year. We have prepared completely new range of the one-side tipping semi-trailer including lightweight body for 2010 with higher payload and rigidity in order to transport building material. We are also able to produce semi-trailers according to the wish of the customer if he / she can not find a suitable one among the proposed types.

We are able to deliver any "made-to - measure" semi-trailer for both agricultural and non agricultural business in various colours. We are also able to ensure the transport directly to your requested destination.

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